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Planning & Arrival

Planning & Arrival

It's More Than a Lesson.

Thank you for your decision to take a lesson with Canyons Ski and Snowboard School. Your lesson experience will be much more fun, safe and effective than trying to learn on your own, and we can’t wait to spend time with you!


Wondering what to pack for your winter vacation? How about the best way to prepare your kids for their first lesson, to make sure the experience is a great one?  Following these tips will help make your experience more comfortable, safe and enjoyable:

Clothing Recommendations for a Successful Lesson:

  • Wear synthetic or wool blend moisture wicking long underwear on both top and bottom. Avoid cotton: cotton absorbs and holds water close to the body which in turn robs the body of heat!
  • Wear only ONE pair of thin socks, preferably ones made specifically for skiing or snowboarding. Socks should extend over the calf; avoid ankle and other low socks, and anything that is ribbed along the shin. Again, avoid cotton. Multiple pairs of socks are not warmer and will wrinkle and bunch up, causing considerable discomfort in boots.
  • Wear goggles or sunglasses: quality sunglasses can be good for warm sunny days and goggles for cold, snowy or gray days.  However, goggles are more secure and offer protection from snow, wind, and other objects that sunglasses don’t. Goggles are easier for younger children, as they often have difficulty with sunglasses staying put, especially in a high energy activity like skiing or snowboarding.  Additionally, most instructors prefer goggles while they are skiing or snowboarding.  Whichever you choose, make sure that you have 100% ultra-violet protection
  • Allow at least 60 minutes at the rental shop to guarantee proper boot fit. Always buckle or lace boots before making a judgment on size. They should be very snug, similar to a firm handshake. Toes should touch the front slightly when standing straight and pull away as you flex or bend your ankles. Boots are the most significant link to learning to ski or snowboard, and oversized boots will hinder both comfort and performance.
  • Ski/Snowboard pants and jackets should be made from water-resistant or water-proof, breathable fabric.
  • Wear water-proof mittens or gloves (no knitted gloves or mittens). Not all winter gloves are Water-proof, so make sure you check. In general mittens are warmer and easier for the younger children. Once children are older they can take advantage of the dexterity offered by gloves. For younger children look for mittens that zip or Velcro all the way up the back of the hand, this makes dressing them much easier.
  • Cover you head!  Wear a helmet, which offers added protection, or hat. Helmets are warmer than hats on cold days and vented for milder days.   Note:  Canyons Resort requires that all children ages 12 & under participating in lessons to wear an approved, snowsports specific helmet.  
  • Make sure your child either wears a balaclava (or neck gator) or has one in their pocket at all times. The weather can change rapidly in the mountains and having one in their pocket can make the difference between cold little faces and smiling warm ones. Scarves are not recommended: they are dangerous as they can catch on ski lifts and other objects.
  • Apply sunscreen liberally and often to all exposed skin and use UV protected lip balm, even on overcast days.

Preparing Your Child for a Lesson: Things to look for:

  • Pay particular attention to your child’s ability to dress and, especially, undress themselves. This is very important during bathroom breaks! The one-piece long underwear may look cute and seem warm, but if your child is unable to get their layers off quickly there may be accidents.
  • Helmets and goggles can feel very strange and scary at first: playing with them on at home can make them much more familiar.
  • Having your younger children practice with all of the unfamiliar ski clothing ahead of time will help them to have a much more enjoyable experience.



A good meal is an important part of any day on the hill, but many kids have special dietary requirements and allergies that can be limiting.  While we strive to offer a variety of foods for snacks and lunch, we are not always able to accommodate all special needs and requests.  If your child has restrictions, please bring a bag lunch with you to the lesson check-in with information on the restrictions, and maybe even consider tucking a snack into their pocket.  That way, whatever the kitchen prepares for lunch, there is always something they can eat.



  • Double check everything: please read the confirmation letter to make sure we have the correct lessons and lesson dates.
  • A lift ticket and signed liability waiver are required for all Ski and Snowboard School lessons.
    • Cats Tickets and Forms will be at the Cats Check-In.  If you purchase the Cats Lesson Only product, which does not include a lift ticket, your child must come to Cats with a pass or lift ticket.  4 and under tickets are available at any resort ticket window.
    • Carvers Tickets and Forms will be outside the Carvers Rental Facility.  If you purchase the Carvers Lesson Only product (which does not include a lift ticket), your child must arrive at Carvers with a pass or lift ticket.
    • Adult Group Lesson vouchers and tickets will be at the Adult Group Meeting Area outside the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office. Participants in the Adult Lessons must have a signed Liability Waiver on file. We will have forms on hand, or bring a completed form with you to make the morning faster.
    • Private Lesson Participants are required to have a signed Liability Waiver on file. You can bring your instructor a completed form to make the morning faster.
  • It is recommended that you pick up your lesson tickets from the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office the afternoon before your lesson – it will make your morning much easier, The Sales Office is open until 5:00 pm every day.
  • Equipment Rentals for Carvers and Adults can also be picked up one day in advance, starting at 3:00 pm. This is highly recommended, as it will make your morning much easier.
  • All Adult Group Lessons with Rentals are through Canyons Rentals, which is located to the left of the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office.
  • Rentals for participants in the Carvers Program (Kids 7-12) are in Carvers Rentals, which is to the right of the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office.
  • Learn to Ski and Learn to Ride programs come with a 3 day lift pass that access the learning area lifts
  • If you purchase a product that includes lift access, the lesson line will say “Program w/Lift” on the confirmation letter.
  • Kids 4 and under ski free, but they are still required to have a lift pass.  These can be picked up at any ticket window.
  • If you are not skiing or snowboarding, but want to get up to Red Pine Lodge to meet your group for lunch or to sneak a peek at the kids in the beginner area, a Scenic Gondola Ride ticket is available.  These can be purchased at any ticket window.  Please be aware that you may not bring ski or snowboard equipment with you when taking a Scenic Gondola Ride.
  • All participants in Ski and Snowboard School lessons must have a lift ticket or season pass.  How do you know if lift tickets included in the lesson?


  • If you are staying in one of the hotels at Canyons, you will be parking in the hotel’s garage.
  • Free parking for all guests is available at the bottom of Canyons Resort Drive.  Access to the mountain is provided by the Cabriolet Lift which runs from the parking lot to Canyons Resort Village: the Cabriolet is a free lift and runs from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every day; the ride takes about 10 minutes.
  • Preferred Parking is available in the Sundial parking lot on High Mountain Road at the top of Canyons Resort Drive, for a daily fee. This parking lot is located at the Canyons Resort Village where the Ski and Snowboard School is located.
  • Valet Parking is also available and is located at the Sundial Hotel. To valet park, drive past the Sundial parking lot and turn right into the valet parking area in front of the Sundial Hotel.
  • Day lockers are available for rent: the locker room is between Canyon Rentals and the Welcome Center. Day lockers come in three sizes and cost varies by depending on the size locker needed: you can use a credit card to pay for these.
  • Base area restrooms are located in the locker room.
  • Overnight complimentary ski check is available on a first come / first served basis. Skis and boards can be stored overnight at the ski valet building located between the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office and the bottom of the Red Pine Gondola.


  • Private Lessons
    • All Private Lessons meet in the Private Lesson Meeting Area, unless other arrangements have been made. The Private Lesson Meeting Area is in the Resort Village, across from the Red Pine Gondola and next to the Guest Service Kiosk. Look for the yellow “Private Lesson” flag.
    • 9:00 AM Private Lessons meet starting at 8:45.
    • 1:00 PM Private Lessons meet starting at 12:45.
  • Learn to Ski and Learn to Ride
  • The Learn to Ski and Learn to Ride lesson meets at 9:15.  You will need your equipment and tickets when the lesson starts, and this process can take an hour or more, especially on busy days...
    • First come to the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office to collect your tickets and sign your waiver – we open at 8:00.
    • Plan on taking at least one hour to get through rentals: it takes time to make sure your boots fit correctly, and on busy days, there will be a line.
    • Note: If you are at Canyons or in area the day before your lesson, it is recommended that you pick up your tickets and rental equipment for the following day.  Rentals will sign out the equipment for the following day any time after 3:00 pm.  Stop by the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office to get your lesson ticket and then head to rentals to get your equipment – it will make the morning MUCH smoother!
  • Adult Ultimate 4, Mountain Experience and Group Lessons meet in the Resort Village at 9:15 AM.
  • Adult Beginner to Novice PM Group Lesson meet in the Resort Village at 12:45 PM
  • Cats (ages 4 - 6): meet in the Cats Facility, which is across from the ski beach and situated between the Farm restaurant and the Red Tail Grill. Check in is from 8:45 am to 9:15 am. In the Cats program, the instructors will accompany the students through the rental process after they are checked in. Be aware that we take our time making sure that the kids are ready before heading outside to start the lesson.
    • Multi-Day Rentals: If you are skiing or snowboarding with us for multiple days, you will be fitted with the equipment on day one, and the equipment is your responsibility for the duration of the rental agreement.  We will store Cats rental skis in the Cats facility, however, the boots will stay with you.  Make sure that they are kept warm overnight so that they dry out.  To ensure a fast check-in, bring your child to the Cats facility with their ski or snowboard boots on each morning.
  • Carvers (ages 7-12): You will collect lesson tickets and sign the required waivers at the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office starting at 8:00 – we will set up a tent just outside the Sales Office on busy days.  If you booked the Carvers Package with Equipment Rentals, you will then proceed to Carvers Rentals, also open at 8:00 am.  Carvers Rentals is conveniently located next to the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office.  Once you have tickets and equipment, Carvers will check in at the Ski Beach starting at 8:45 am.  The kids need to be dressed and ready to go with all of their equipment.  Groups take a few moments to organize and will leave the Ski Beach by 9:00. 
  • Note: To make your morning easier, we recommend that you pick up the lesson tickets and equipment any time after 3:00 the day before the lesson.  If this is not possible, both the Ski and Snowboard School Sales Office and Carvers Rentals open at 8:00 am: be sure to arrive early so that you are not rushed through the rental process and your kids arrive at Carvers Check-in on time.
  • Multi-Day Rentals: If you are skiing or snowboarding with us for multiple days, you will be fitted with the equipment on day one, and the equipment is your responsibility for the duration of the rental agreement.  Carvers and adult rental skis can be stored for free at the Overnight Ski Valet, located next to the Sales Office.  The boots will stay with you: make sure that they are kept warm so that they dry out overnight.
  • Child Care (6 weeks to 6 years): is located by West entrance of the Grand Summit Hotel, on the 2nd floor. The West entrance of the Grand Summit is located closest to the top of the Waldorf Gondola and the base of the Orange Bubble Express. If you have Child Care with a One-Hour Cubs Lesson (offered starting at 2 years), the instructor pick your child up from Daycare, and will take care of getting the equipment fitted at the Cats Rental facility before the lesson.  Please note that we tentatively assign lesson times in the morning, but these do change depending on the needs of our littlest students.   
  • Adult Group Lessons
  • Children Group Lessons
  • Child Care



Canyons Resort requires that all children ages 12 & under participating in lessons to wear an approved, snowsports specific helmet.    This can be either a rental helmet or their own.  A helmet is included in all Children’s’ Lesson and Rental Packages, and helmets are also available to rent or purchase at Canyon Mountain Sports.  Note that we also require all instructors wear helmets when they are working, and recommend helmet use for all skiers and snowboarders, regardless of age or ability

·         For more information regarding helmet usage and safety please visit www.Lidsonkids.org. Lids on Kids is a great resource for all your questions regarding helmet usage, helmet safety, statistics, and general recommendations on how to promote and encourage helmet usage.

Kids Lesson Ratios
In an effort to provide your children with the safest and most memorable lesson experience, Canyons Ski and Snowboard School limits the class sizes for our children’s lessons. Your 4-6 year old will have no more than 4 students per instructor, and kids will always ride the lift with a capable adult.  Your 7-12 year old will have no more than 5 students in their class. These small classes mean more personal attention, more time spent skiing and riding, and a safer experience.

Sit on the Spot
Canyons Resort has won the National Ski Areas Association Safety Award for "Best Chairlift Program" two years in a row. The program involves round targets installed on the chairlift seats that provide a visual reminder of where to sit. The program encourages children to "Sit on the Spot", helping our little guests learn to sit with their back against the back of the chair and be in a safer position when riding the chairlift. "Spots" are installed on High Meadow, our quad chairlift that accesses the easiest terrain on the mountain. This lift is most often used by Canyons Ski and Snowboard School for their beginner skiers and snowboarders.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you give us 48 hours notice for any cancellations or changes to your Ski School reservations. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the lesson(s) start time will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the first day’s lesson(s).

For cancellations occurring the day of the lesson and No Call-No Shows, the cancellation fee is 100% of the total cost of the first day’s lesson(s). Weather and snow conditions are not viable reasons for cancellations