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Know the Code Video Contest

Know the Code Video Contest

At the beginning of the season, all Season Pass holders received a copy of Canyons Skier/Rider Responsibility Code (the Code) attached to their season pass.  Pass holders were asked to familiarize themselves with their responsibilities and throughout the season, prizes have been awarded to those who have shown their card upon request.  Now Canyons is sponsoring a video contest, so that our pass holders can show us what they have learned about the Code and help us educate others.


The purpose of this contest is to educate guests on the Canyons Skier/Rider Responsibility Code, in a fun and creative way.  Nothing ruins a great day of skiing or riding as much as an accident that did not need to happen.  Ultimately, safe skiing and snowboarding on the mountain is each person's responsibility. Following the Code will help all skiers and snowboarders have a safer mountain experience. 



What is Canyons Skier/Rider Responsibility Code?

  • Go slow – stay in control.  You must be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  • People ahead of you have the right of way.
  • Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  • Before starting downhill or merging onto a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  • If you are involved in an accident or collision, you must exchange contact information with the other party.
  • Always use proper devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  • Observe and obey all signs and warnings.
  • Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  • You must be able to safely load, ride and unload lifts.
  • You must not ski or snowboard at Canyons if you are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Who can participate?
The contest is open to all current Canyons’ Season Pass Holders, who may work alone or in groups on the video. 

Contest Coordinator
The contest coordinator is Kathi Ehlers, Risk Manager, who may be reached at 435-615-3415.

Video Contest Rules:

  1. Videos must address the importance of the Canyons’ Skier/Rider Responsibility Code, and should discuss all 10 elements of the Code.
  2. The video for each element of the code should be no longer than 10 minutes.
  3. Pass holders can create videos alone or as a group.  Videos may include moving or still pictures, with our without music.
  4. Videos must be original.  Imported material from an outside source is not permitted.
  5. Videos must be in good taste and promote Canyons in a favorable light.
  6. Pass holders appearing in video while skiing or riding must wear a helmet.
  7. Videos must include Canyons safety slogan “Be Safe Out There.”
  8. Videos must be submitted on a DVD in the same format used to create You Tube videos.
  9. An entry form should be submitted along with the DVD, which includes the name(s) and contact information of all who participated in creating the video.

The video content will become the property of Canyons and Canyons may use, edit, or reuse all or part of any video for marketing or educational purposes in its sole discretion.

Entries must be delivered to Kathi Ehlers no later than 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 14th, 2013, which is the last day of the 2012/13 season.  They can be dropped off in person or mailed to:
Kathi Ehlers, Risk Manager Canyons Resort 4000 Canyons Resort Drive Park City, UT 84098.

A panel of judges from Canyons’ Safety Task Force will rate videos based on the following criteria:

  • Originality                                          
  • Creativity
  • Clarity of Message

Contest Awards:
Winning prize will include a Season Pass for the 2013/14 season for the “Best Overall” video.  Canyons reserves the right to substitute the winning prize for an alternative prize package if the  winning entry was created by multiple pass holders.  Prizes will be awarded to 2012-2013 Canyons season pass holders only.  Other prizes include: 2013/14 Day Tickets, a Bike Park Pass, Dinner for 2 at Talisker on Main and Zip Tour Vouchers for Summer 2013. 

How to Get Started:

  • Print out instructions if needed for reference.
  • Decide to work alone or with a team
  • Decide who will write, act, direct, record, create, and edit, etc. the video.
  • Write a script.
  • Create video.
  • Practice, get feedback and time yourself to be sure you stay within the 10 minute rule for each element of the code.
  • Submit completed entry form and video on a DVD by the deadline: no later than 4:00pm SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2013.

Questions?  Call Kathi Ehlers at (435) 615-3415.