Gregg Hauser

Gregg has been with Canyons since 2008 having performed at a high level in a variety of roles including Front Desk Agent, Escala Lodge Property Manager, Conference Service Manager, and now Sales Manager of Executive Meetings. Prior to coming to work for Canyons, he held numerous jobs from Whitewater Guide to Second Mate on a fishing rig to US Naval Officer.

Gregg has a degree in Marketing from Winona State University.

Gregg moved to the Park City area from Corpus Christi, Texas. He enjoys the outdoors and spends most of his free time pursuing outdoor adventure. Besides traveling, he loves to ski, surf, kayak, fly fish and hike in the Utah Mountains.

Phone: 435-615-8056

Fun Facts About Gregg

Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Favorite Movie: The Endless Summer
Favorite Food: A quality porterhouse steak
Hero: His Grandfather
3 famous people (living or deceased) you would like to invite to dinner: Albert Einstein, JFK, Duke Kahanamoku