Where to Take the Kids

There’s no doubt that taking your kids skiing can be an exhausting experience. Just getting them geared up and on the mountain is a feat in itself. But now that you’re ready to go, where is the best place to ski as a family? With over 4000 acres of skiable terrain at Canyons, knowing where to ski with the kids can be an overwhelming choice. I’m here to give you my top kid friendly runs so the slopes can be a fun and fulfilling experience for you and the kiddos!

With only 10% of the Canyons terrain marked for beginners, if you’re kids are just starting out, then staying close to High Meadow and Saddleback Express are going to be your best bet. My six year old and three year old love to ski Alley Cat on High Meadow. It’s a mellow run through the trees and the novelty of the large wooden animals never seems to get lost on them. Once the kids have mastered the few runs off High Meadow, jump on Saddleback Express. Made up of mostly blue runs, our favorite run is Snow Dancer. Always groomed, it’s a nice long blue that has a little bit of everything. One slightly steep section, a short but totally manageable traverse, and Aspens scattered along the side that the kids love to dip in and out of. It’s a great run for practicing multiple variables that you’ll inevitably see on other parts of the mountain.

Orange Bubble Laps

One of our favorite things to do is what we call “bubble laps.” It’s definitely our go to when  we’re skiing with the kids. The Orange Bubble Express is a great way to get a bunch of runs in short amount of time. Both my sons love riding the bubble and with it’s heated seats and cover, you get to warm up between each run. On a cold day, this is the difference between us skiing two runs versus five or six! Getting off at the mid point, we’ll take Docs Run or Lookout Ridge. We like them equally so generally alternate between the two. Both runs (especially Docs) tend to get busy in the afternoon but are usually pretty quiet in the morning. Docs is always groomed but often only the top half of Lookout Ridge is. Be sure to check the groomers report in the morning and stay on Docs if the bottom half of Lookout isn’t groomed.

Another place we like to ski with the kids is off Peak Five Express. It definitely takes more time to get over there- a few lifts and sometimes high traffic blue runs but when we have a full day and start early, it’s usually fine! Harmony and Sanctuary are our favorite runs for their cruisy disposition. They weave in and out of the ski in/ski out housing community, The Colony. With lots of bridges to pass under, you’re always guaranteed a scenic and fun time. Often you can find some soft powder on the sides of Sanctuary even a few days after a storm. Both runs take you back to Tombstone Express and from there we usually take Red Pine Road back to Red Pine Lodge.

Snowboarding down Sanctuary

When we’re short on time but want something different than our standard Orange Bubble laps, we’ll take the Orange Bubble to the top and make our way to the north side of the mountain to ride Sun Peak Express and Super Condor Express. Echo, a another long blue, parallels one of the parks. Often we’ll pull off to the side of the run and watch the youngsters kids jib and jab their way through the park. My kids could hang out forever watching people ride through the park, asking when they will be old enough to ride the park. (When you’re 30 is my typical answer.) Boa off Condor has been a favorite of mine even before I had kids. If you can psyche yourself up for what is probably going to be a windy ride up. (Condor is notorious for that) you’ll be rewarded with a perfectly groomed run that is never crowded.

No matter where you ride the with kids, make sure to have fun and stay safe. See you on the slopes!

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