Where in the World is Kaylin Richardson?

The last seven months have gone by in a blur.  As a child on those long, languorous, seemingly endless summer days (the kind when my friends and I continually questioned one another, “what should we do?”) never could I have guessed or foreseen the happy chaos ahead of me.  When I was scolded not to squander the present, little did I know then that unlike the years that pass by in their routine 12-month cycle, the time that fills those days speeds up exponentially.  It is one of life’s little ironies that you don’t appreciate the value of time until it is no longer freely available.  Time is arguably the hottest commodity… ever, namely because, by definition, it is not a commodity.  Time cannot be bought or sold.  Once it is gone you cannot get it back.  The only thing we can control is what we do with it tomorrow.

Taking in the sunset in La Parva, Chile with my dear friend and CEO of Icelantic Skis, Annelise Loevlie.

Over the last few, aforementioned “blurred” months, I have started to try to really define what I want to do with my time.  What energizes me?  What stretches me?  What do I hold dear?  I encourage anyone and everyone to do the same.  And not because New Year’s resolutions are imminent, but because life, and the time we have living it, is precious.

Signing autographs and chatting with Midwestern ski enthusiasts this fall in Minnesota at Hoigaards.

As I examined my so-called life-trajectory I found myself feeling very blessed AND so very grateful.  I am truly doing what brings me joy.  Yes, it is still a job and I have to constantly be hustling, but I get to challenge my mind and my body through the different roles I fill.  Opening Day was last Friday which, I believe, is the unofficial beginning of winter.  Lucky for me, my life has a bit of the “endless winter” mentality to it, in that I am never too far removed from my skis and even then I am talking about it.  Sharing Canyons with people never fails to excite me and pursuing goals along different avenues whether it is writing, speaking, producing, or filming keeps me growing and evolving: Since August I have skied in Chile, Switzerland as well as CO and UT (see pics).  I had the opportunity to share my love for skiing and Canyons on many different platforms from Sports Illustrated (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/video/si-video/20131120/2013-11-20-clip08.sportsillustrated/ ) and Fast Company (http://www.fastcompany.com/3021359/work-smart/lessons-from-an-alpine-olympian-be-present-and-others-will-respond), to VH1.  I traveled to Warren Miller premieres across the country for Helly Hansen and Icelantic, getting people psyched to get on the slopes.  In February I will be in Sochi, Russia as the Olympic Correspondent for The Weather Channel which will be a new kind of endeavor, but I have no doubt it will be thrilling.

Promoting Warren Miller’s “Ticket To Ride” on Salt Lake City’s ABC4

Guest hosting in the “third seat” on VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan beside hosts Carrie and Jason Dundas

As I write this I am flying to Minneapolis following a group of people that embody what I am trying to convey about time– the almost 400 people on the Epic Race, a race to be the first ten competitors to ski all 26 mountains (in four different countries) on their Epic.  If they are one of the lucky ten, they win an Epic Pass for life, but almost every single competitor that I have talked to has commented about how it is about the journey and the adventure, even more than the culmination.  These individuals understand that, looking back, they will celebrate every second they took away from work and their daily norm to partake in this experience of a lifetime…

I am still figuring out how to balance the obligations and opportunities that time is tethered to and will most likely continue figuring it out until, well, my time is up.  But that is what makes it so precious, right?

Let it snow!

For now,



Tune in to my next blog as I follow these amazing Epic Racers as they boldly ski and snowboard all around the country and then across the Atlantic to conquer resorts in Switzerland, Austria and France.  Follow them (and me as I ride on their coattails) on epiclifemag.com and by searching #EpicRace.

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