Warren Miller’s Flow State Official Trailer

“I think every day when you go out skiing you’re always looking for that one moment when you completely lose thinking, you completely lose your self identity, and completely become immersed in what you’re doing at that exact moment. All of a sudden you pop out of it and you snap back into ‘Oh yeah, I’m a human, my name is Julian, I’m on this earth’.” – Julian Carr

What is “flow state?” I could try and explain it to you. I could even attempt to draw you a picture or diagram. But “flow state” is not something words, or even pictures, can describe. It must be experienced.

With a Canyons Resort segment featuring Julian Carr, Blake Nyman, and our own Kaylin Richardson, this year’s Warren Miller film aims to bring that experience to the big screen.

Kaylin Richardson experiencing “flow state.” Photo Credit: Julian Carr

Watch. Experience. Enjoy.

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