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Enduro Racing

This week, I was peer-pressured into participating in a Enduro racing clinic in preparation for the Wasatch Bell Enduro Race at Canyons this weekend.  What is Enduro, you ask? I had the same question.  According to Endurocupmtb.com, Enduro racing, while popular in Europe, is fairly new to the US. Basically, Enduro combines the excitement of [...]

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4th of July Sizzles in Park City

America’s favorite holiday is upon us.  A celebration of our Freedom and our country,  combined with barbecues, parades, and fireworks,  equals quite possibly the best celebration of summer. Wondering what to do here for the holiday? Park City and Canyons have the best  celebrations around, and I’ve prepared the perfect July 4th itinerary for you. [...]

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