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Sochi Part Two

A wise man once said, “the best work is created when one is having fun.”  Maybe it was just me that said it, or more correctly, thought it, but there is no better corroborating evidence than what occurred in Sochi.  It was pretty incredible how much I learned and experienced in my time with The [...]

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Kaylin’s Epic End to 2013

The end of my 2013 was, might I say… epic? December was a whirlwind that included stops in Minneapolis, Beaver Creek, Atlanta, New York City, and the alps of France. Some of the highlights were: Watching my former teammates and friends compete at the Beaver Creek alpine World Cup, Birds of Prey. I was at [...]

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Faye Gulini is Ready for Sochi

I hope that your holidays have been as amazing as mine! I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my family. I was able to take my eleven-year-old nephew snowboarding a few times, which was a ton of fun! I clocked a lot of hours at Canyons Resort and was able to [...]

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