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Canyons Bike Park Opening Day

For those that prefer the brown pow to the white pow, Thursday’s opening of the Canyons Bike Park was the equivalent of a 12″ dump day during the winter. Blue skies, unridden, buffed out trails, and $2 tacos greeted those who made it out. Those lift lines that stacked up at the base of High Meadow last year? [...]

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Snowmaking for Dummies

With our snowmaking guns firing away to get us ready for opening day, we thought you might be interested in a quick Canyons snowmaking lesson. It’s quite a complicated . . .

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Opening Day 2011/2012

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is priceless. With that in mind I’ll stop writing and let you watch how Opening Day 2011 went down on Friday, Nov. 25.

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