SPRING GRÜV – Skimming the Pond


Spring is a pretty cool time to be on the mountain. Winter and skiing fresh powder may be the icon of skiing, but when the days start getting longer so does the partying! Spring Gruv is well under way here at Canyons and it’s a bundle of fun!  

Saturday was time for the annual Pond Skimming Competition, something that has definitely been on my to-do list while I’m here. So I met up with the rest of the lunatics revellers looking to celebrate a great season by dressing up and trying to make it across a 100ft pond on skis or snowboard. The crowd up by the Red Pine Lodge had come to see a show, with over 1000 people hanging out to enjoy the sunshine, BBQ and possibly a few beers while screaming their approval at every crazy costumed skier or boarder brave enough to take the icy plunge.  

Only 100 people get to enter the Canyons Pond Skiming Competition. I was number 27, and my turn came around WAY sooner than I expected! This was probably a good thing as it didn’t leave much time to change my mind! One-hundred feet over water is a pretty long way, further than other ponds I’ve skimmed, and I knew there was no way I’d make it without getting soaked. My sitski weighs about 50lbs, I sink pretty quickly! A quick reconnaissance of the pond to spot my landing and try to work out some kind of tactics hardly put my mind at rest as the middle of the pond was easily 5ft deep which puts the surface about 1ft over my head once I come to rest and sink to the bottom. My only tactic was to carry as much speed as possible and make it past the deepest part of the pond so that when (not if) I came to rest (and sunk) I’d still be able to keep my head above water. Just in case everything didn’t go as planned, I had a couple guys happy to jump in and fish me out!  

[vimeo 21581624 495 350] 

So, I made it past the middle of the pond (Yay!)! And thanks to the guys fishing me out, I got to spend the rest of the day enjoying the party, hanging out down at the base, and watching Los Lobos play in concert. Not to mention getting some sweet photos with the chalkboard!  

Los Lobos rocking out at the base area for Spring Gruv


"Chase, Carlie & Wyatt showed out luck in the pond!"

Taking home some Canyons snow as a souvenir to last through the summer?

"Cool hat, Bro!"


"Cool Beanz!"

"Cool Beanz!"


"I Love Jellybeans"

"I Love Jellybeans"

Splashing down in the pond earlier didn't finish this guys party mood!  

"Plaid Overload!"

"Real men wear pink!"

"Mmmmm, Chocolate Bar!"

"Yes, I CAN handle both of them!"

"Ava's 1st Los Lobos show, WOOHOO!!"

There’s still WAY more going on up here too! SPRING GRÜV continues this weekend with the Red Bull Schlittentag & TOSH MEETS MARLEY CELEBRATION TOUR CONCERT. Come on up, and start thinking of your chalkboard slogan now!

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4 Responses to “SPRING GRÜV – Skimming the Pond”

  1. I love how you captured the essence of Pond Skimming! Great video–and the photos with the chalkboard are wonderful, too! We were all rooting for you to make it across the pond–maybe next year–more speed? floaties on your sit-ski?? a jet pack on your back?

  2. Andy, knew you could/would do it!!!! Hope you’ve warmed up by now1

  3. Absolutely Amazing!!

  4. Impressive attempt to skim the pond! It was nice to finally meet you there. :)