Spring Gruv: Schlittentag Fun

CanyonsSpring Gruv has become an event that is looked forward to annually.  One of the many reasons people come out is for the Red Bull Schlittentag (german for “sledding day”).  This past Saturday, in the blustery weather, teams of three propelled themselves as fast as possible down a track with a kicker in the middle in homemade sleds.  Their time, in conjunction with scores on their jump and sled-construction creativity, gauged their rank. 

One of the first sleds down got the contest off to an exciting start when they cleared the barricade and fences into the crowd.  Imagine three grown men hurtling down the bunny slope, in a crib, and you’ll get the right visual.  Every team was memorable and fearless – a sliding potato, some pirates, and a nun were all part of the pageantry – especially in light of the raspberries some were collecting when bare skin met snow granules.  After the winners were announced many stuck around for some refreshments and the groovy reggae beats from the Tosh Meets Marley concert. 

Unfortunately, Spring Gruv is over and, fittingly, spring is here!  A yearly ritual of being torn between mourning the loss of snow and celebrating the warmer weather, Spring Gruv is the perfect way to ring in the new season!  Whether participating or spectating, a fantastically fun time was had by all. 

Getting going

Sledding for hockey glory


There's a lot of awesomeness going on in this picture

This guy likes to party





Still going


Yeah you do

Air time

The Winners

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