Spring Gruv – Lifty Olympics


Fact – Lift operators are awesome! They’re the guys and girls, always smiling, who make sure you get up the mountain to rip some turns in the fresh powder while they stay behind and gently herd excited skiers onto the next chair. It’s not exactly a thankless task, everyone has a friendly word for the “lifty” as they load up at the bottom of the hill, but watching everyone else take off to enjoy the snow must result in some pent up excitement. So, each year, in an effort to help all the lifties get that built-up excitement out of their system, Canyons Resort, Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley host the “Wasatch Backside Lifty Invitational” which sets lift attendants from PCMR and Deer Valley against our very own unsung heroes in a series of light hearted, lifty related contests.   

On Friday (after the lifts had closed and everyone could focus on the serious business of fun) more than 200 lifties gathered along the Ski Beach at the base of the Orange Bubble Express to cheer on their teams as they fought it out on the snow in contests like tug-of-war, setting up a lift-line and searching through piles of snow for lost equipment. I mingled, shared in the fun and cheered on Canyons’ lifties in their quest to reign victorious . . . or get drunk trying.   

The opening ceremony flag bearer from PCMR seemed confident before the tug-of-war

Canyons lifties take the strain against PCMR and carry the hopes and dreams of an entire resort

PCMR can't handle the epic power Canyons lifties bring to the party and it all goes wrong

Canyons Win! Flawless Victory


...people in strange outfits embarrassing themselves for our entertainment!



"Moustache you a question"

The crowd may have been enjoying more than just watching the activities

Dude, you're like totally at Canyons. The BEST ski resort in Utah, and the world!

"Lifties ROCK!"

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One Response to “Spring Gruv – Lifty Olympics”

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t run a lifty SitSki challenge. It would have been very fun to watch some of them try to balance on a sitski while riding down a hill and drinking something – all at once.