Preseason Checklist

One used, one new, both are psyched about their new helmets and ski season!

I made a rookie mistake last year. My husband I took our boys on an impromptu early season ski trip to Wyoming. I literally grabbed all our gear from the previous season, threw into the back of the car and off we went. It wasn’t until our first morning that I realized one of my gloves had a hole in it and my usually happy and eager to ski son cried the entire way down our first run because his feet hurt. Of course they did, his boots were way too small.  It was a mistake I’ll never make again. I’ve created a preseason routine of checking our gear so that we’re prepared to hit the slopes as soon as the resort opens. I pull our gear out of summer hibernation and plop it on the floor of our mud room. I then go through each individual set up and decide what needs a tune up, what needs to be replaced, and what can be donated. No more boots that don’t fit and gloves with holes. When the chairs start turning on November 23rd, we’ll be ready!


If you don’t remember the last time you had your skis or snowboard tuned then chances are you’re overdue. Doing a tune up every preseason is a good habit to get into and then you know it’s done. It’s good to check your bindings for cracks or loose screws. Tighten things up and make sure they’re secure. Better to realize it now than half way down the mountain, no?


Dare I say the most important part of any set up? I know personally, that if my feet hurt, I’m miserable. The life span of a boot is subjective and personal. No matter if you’re a skier or snowboarder, make sure your boots fit properly and are comfortable. If you’re getting new boots for the season, try breaking them in by wearing them around the house for periods of time before you hit the hill. You’re legs and toes will thank you. Your wood floors not so much.


Obvious maybe, but make sure gloves fit properly, you have good dexterity and are warm enough. (Oh, yes, and that they don’t have holes in them!) I like to write my kids names on the inside of their gloves so there is less chance of misplacing them at ski school or when they take them off for lunch. And while certainly not a necessity, an extra pair sure is nice. We ski enough that when one pair is still drying out from the day before, having a second pair makes things so much easier.


As an adult, replacing outerwear is usually a case of an outdated jacket. Kids, on the other hand, grow like weeds so chances are it’s new ski pants every winter. Many kids jackets and pants come with hems that can be let out so you get multiple years of wear but I find that it’s not always the case. So instead I focus on buying jackets and pants that are good quality and well-made. It’s nice when gear can hold up to the demands of winter activities and be passed down to younger siblings.

Base Layers-

Nothing is worse than being too hot or too cold on the mountain. Success comes in layering so I like to make sure we all have a good medium-weight base layer, a well-made fleece and an extra windproof layer for those especially cold days. As far as socks, inspect the bottoms. Mine seem to wear out in the heal pretty quickly. Stay away from cotton and like gloves, make sure to have more than one pair. After a long day of skiing/riding, your socks get wet. Having a dry pair to put on the next morning will be something you won’t regret.


First off, if you don’t have a helmet, it’s time to get one. Don’t make me call your mother. Helmets are becoming a norm on the hill for kids and adults alike. Not only will they protect your noggin, they provide an enormous amount of warmth as much of your body’s heat can escape from your head. Don’t worry about feeling “uncool.” You can trick your helmet out with stickers and whatever else to make it your own! It’s important to make sure your goggles fit the helmet that you plan on wearing. Make sure goggles provide optimal vision. Check your lenses- too many scratches means it’s time for new ones!

Seasons pass/Lift tickets-

Summer and Fall are really the time to take advantage of season pass discounts. But don’t worry if you missed the deadline. The pass office  is open and happy to answer any questions and get you set up with the right pass. Canyons offers locals passes, student passes, and special rates for senior citizens. No excuses, get your pass today!

Don’t sweat if this seems like a lot. Canyons has you covered! Solid Edge Tuning and Repair Shop will tune your skis/snowboards, Canyon Mountain Sports or One Sweet Ride will outfit you head to toe and new this year, Canyons Kids, will take care of the little groms. All shops are located in Canyons Resorts Village!

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  1. With all this new snow we just got, I’m ready to hit the hill!