Go Fish

Alpine Lake Trail. Photo Credit: Kelley Epstein

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of fishing with my dad and two older brothers. I remember spending entire afternoons laying by the river waiting to catch a fish, happy to snack on the potato chips and root beer that always seemed to be in my dad’s backpack. Wanting to create the same fond memories for my own kids, it was never a doubt that I would teach them to fish. So, last Saturday my husband and I took our boys up to Canyons to get a little taste of this thing called fishing.

We got an early start and jumped on the Gondola up to Red Pine right at 10 am. We checked in at the mid-mountain Adventure Center where we got set up fishing rods and reels for the entire family. A beautiful 20-minute hike to the reservoir left us plenty of time to talk about how different the mountain looks from when we skied it only 3 months prior.

Fishing with the family. Photo Credit: Kelley Epstein

When we reached the 20-million gallon reservoir we could see the cheeky Tiger Trout swimming on the banks of the pond taunting us to catch them. My kids could barely contain their excitement and pretty much sprinted down to the dock where we set up camp for the next hour. Unfortunately for us, it was a really windy day and luck wasn’t in our favor. We didn’t catch any fish (not even a bite) and we ended up breaking two out of the three lines on our rods (Blame my two year old). Obviously disappointed, the guide gave the boys some fish food that they happily fed the many trout gathered on the bank looking for food.

Ready for lunch, we headed down The Alpine Trail in search of some lunch at the Red Pine Lodge. Featuring an awesome southwestern influenced menu, my husband and I both ordered salads. He went with the grilled flank steak while I got the pork tamale salad. The chef happily made the boys chicken fingers and a grilled cheese and, of course, we got root beer to drink. The hightlight of the meal for all of us were the handmade chips. A cross between shoestring and waffle fry, they were downright addicting.

Eating at Red Pine Lodge. Photo Credit: Kelley Epstein

While it wasn’t the successful fishing trip I’d imagined, in the end it was better. We sipped on our root beer and spent time as a family laughing and creating our own memories.

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