Coolest Guy on the Mountain

One of the greatest privileges of this gig has been getting to know Andy Campbell.  It is undeniable that he is the coolest guy on the mountain.  He rips on a sitski which is an accomplishment on it’s own. But when you add the fact that he learned to ski AFTER his accident, it is head-scratchingly impressive.  As a career soldier in his life before mountaining,  he went on countless tours to combat zones.  Andy would be the first to tell you that life threw him a curve ball in April of 2004, but he is as much a hero now as he was then, albeit for different reasons.

All things considered he shouldn’t be here now.  In retrospect, Andy admits that there have been many a scenario that could have been the end of him.  However, there is nothing fatalistic about him.  His motto, “Die Living,” says it all.  To him, every day is a gift that should not to be wasted.  His athletic prowess is seriously admirable, but what sets Andy apart is his irrepressible attitude.  The guy LOVES life.

Recently he and I met to ski together.  Our shared love for the mountains made us colleagues, but it is the deep respect that I have for him as a human being that made us friends.  He is most definitely the coolest guy on the mountain.

This video is a lighthearted project I put together chronicling a powder day with Andy.  Enjoy- I know I did!

[vimeo 20722753 495 350]

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11 Responses to “Coolest Guy on the Mountain”

  1. That is some of the gnarliest tree skiing I’ve ever seen, I wish I could’ve been there with you. Oh wait that’s right, I’ll be arriving at the Canyons on Saturday! Hoping the weather stays good and the snow keeps it’s trademark Utah fluffiness. Can’t wait, Canyons here I come!!

  2. Andy, your outlook on life and the activities you’re showing us here are inspiring.

  3. Nice video! You guys look like you’re having so much fun…

  4. I LOVE THIS VIDEO SO MUCH! Thank you Kaylin, for a really fun day in the powder together and for being the coolest chick on the mountain.

  5. That was great. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds and looks to me like there’s more than one “coolest guy” (using the MN, non-gender specific, vernacular “guy”!) on The Canyons, or any other, mountain! Kaylin, you and Andy make a GREAT Team!

  7. Eh,Sorry, but I’ve seen better…

    • You’ve seen better what? Sit skiing? Videos of sit skis slamming into trees? Of all the lame comments I’ve read to blog posts, this might be the lamest.

      I don’t understand the point of commenting if you don’t have something productive to add. In particular, when the blog features an Olympian and a war veteran who is confined to a wheelchair but is more active than 99% of us.

      Why don’t put up or shut up. Show us better…whatever it is you are talking about.

  8. Awesome video! POWDERSHARK! Love it!

    Could I ask, where on the mountain are you guys in the glades at 1:51 and the forest at 1:58?

  9. Rob, you can ask where on the mountain they were, but I doubt you’ll get a straight answer. Secret stashes must stay secret:)

  10. I’ve really enjoyed the mountain bloggers this year and this video shows why. Rip it! What the video doesn’t show is how engaging they can be too. Yesterday at Spring Gruv Andy had my 12 year old son and about 14 of his friends laughing, dancing and totally engaged at the Los Lobos concert. The fact that he could participate with a bunch of young kids dancing like a mad flash mob tell me a lot – thanks Andy!