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Sochi Part Two

A wise man once said, “the best work is created when one is having fun.”  Maybe it was just me that said it, or more correctly, thought it, but there is no better corroborating evidence than what occurred in Sochi.  It was pretty incredible how much I learned and experienced in my time with The [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Dana Edwards

Canyons has over 1,700 employees during the winter season.  From those that scan your pass when you get on the lift, to the lunch crew at Cloud Dine to Ski Patrol that ensures you get off the mountain safely at the end of the day, there’s an extensive team ensuring you have the Experience of a [...]

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Where in the World is Kaylin Richardson: Sochi Edition

You want to know what is more intense than competing in the Olympic Games? Covering the Olympic Broadcast. Ok, I am kidding. Well, mostly kidding. Little do the primed and pampered (deservedly so) athletes realize, but there is a whole other world taking place behind the scenes to transmit their experience to the television screens [...]

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Twin Tips: Ski Technology

The skiing at Canyons Resort is so good right now. There is lots of new snow in the mountains with 26″ of fresh snow over the weekend. One of the things that makes  powder skiing even better is to use some ski technology. Not just cool skis and boots – but actual technology. Here are [...]

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Saturday S'mores at Canyons Resort

Après: Family Style

My husband and I have had to adjust our expectations when it comes to skiing as a family. Long gone are the days when we could ride all day and then grab a beer with friends at the base while visiting with friends after the mountain closed. We’d eventually make it home, make a late [...]

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