A Run for Everyone: President’s Day Weekend Tips

To reiterate on my last blog, skiing with people is a blast!  However, sometimes it can create logistical nuisances such as which trail to take.  Experts know to head to Ninety-Nine 90. Beginners like to stick to blue runs.  One thing, among many, that I love about Canyons is that there are tons of great runs that can be shared and enjoyed by all.

President’s Day weekend is sure to be jam packed with groups of skiers and snowboarders looking for a fantastic time.  If you happen to be part of a crew with varying skill levels and are looking to take a few runs together, here are some groomers that will be fun for the advanced, intermediate, beginners AND even experts:

NORTH SIDE – Meet at the top of Super Condor Express and take Apex Ridge all the way down. If it is crowded, shoot off skier’s left early to catch Aplande. More often than not, it is wide open for you to make as fast or as slow of turns as you desire.

MID MOUNTAIN – Meet at the top of Tombstone Lift and take Sidewinder down to Cloud Nine. It has a wonderful flow with a rolling pitch. It’s name says it all!

SOUTH MOUNTAIN – Meet at the top of DreamCatcher and take Alpenglow to Mirage to Apparition. This is a long cruiser that will take you under and over bridges as you weave through The Colony. Just remember to keep going right at the bottom of Alpenglow and you’ll be smiling the whole way.

Are you with someone new who’s nervous about the double blues? Have no fear, because here is a lovely run you can share together:

Get off Tombstone Express and take Silver Spur to Peak 5.  At the top of Peak 5 take Harmony all the way down the mountain.  Though it doesn’t offer the most technical terrain, experts will be equally as thrilled because of the incredible mountain views peppered with glimpses of the gorgeous homes that make up The Colony.  Truly a trail that is unique to Canyons.

Lastly, don’t forget to stake out your spot at the Umbrella Bar on Saturday for the Saturday Spring Concert Series.  At 3:00pm, Downright Blue will be giving a free show! Boots unbuckled and drink in hand. Sounds like the perfect way to cap off a perfect day at Canyons!

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2 Responses to “A Run for Everyone: President’s Day Weekend Tips”

  1. I submitted an application for this position and while I was disappointed that I was not chosen, I am really enjoying your blogs and enthusiasm for the Canyons! I recently purchased a season pass at the Canyons and am excited to keep reading about your dining, as well as your snow tips! Have a fun season and congrats!

  2. The suggestion for those afraid of double blues (as was my daughter) to go SilverSpur /Peak5 / Harmony is spot on. (I didn’t read it here first but worked it out on the mountain and so it’s resonating with me here!). IT’s a great run with wonderful views and fun for everyone.

    We also did Silver Spur / Peak 5 / Harmony but then up Dreamscape lift for lunch. After lunch we came down Panorama to meet up with Harmony again. This works for someone not into the double blues, it’s good to know.

    On the other side of the map, Eclipse worked very well for the non double blue-er, but head into ZAAP for the last section to get to the Sun Peak Express.

    Great tips! If you’re an expert you can of course ski anywhere, but it’s awesome you’re giving suggestions to others because that of course gets trickier, and can make ALL the difference to a successful day out on the slopes.