10 Questions With: Kirstie Scott

1. Alright, give us the Facebook rundown: Name, age, job title at Canyons, and relationship status (you’re welcome guys).
Kirstie Scott. 25 years old. Snow Reporter. Facebook doesn’t allow you to be in a relationship with yourself.

2. You moved from Breckenridge, CO to Park City, UT. With that in mind, is it safe to assume that Utah is officially a better place to ski than Colorado?
There are pluses to both. But I am here for the snow that I have heard SOO much about!
Translation: Yes, Utah is better.

3. As a full-time snow reporter, your alarm clock goes off every morning at 4 a.m. What’s that like?
Honestly, I’m not sure there is ever a time when you wake up from an alarm and it feels good. My dog definitely doesn’t enjoy the 4 a.m. walk. I usually end up having to carry her most of the way home. However, getting first chair is a lot easier when you’ve already been up for five hours.
Translation: Kirstie has a very, very small dog.

4. I feel like the role of Snow Reporter is misunderstood. Take us through a typical day. What exactly do you do?
My day usually starts about 12 hours before at the snow plan meeting where most departments work together to make a game plan for the following day. When I get into my office the next morning, the snow plan is waiting for me. Coffee. I call up to the groomers and see if everything on the plan is going well, get a groomers pick of the day, check on snow conditions at the top of the mountain, etc. Coffee. Next I start updating websites. We have a selection of websites that we’re constantly updating with conditions including SkiUtah.com, CanyonsResort.com, and SnoCountry.com. Then I update the resort, grooming, and trail reports. Yogurt. This is followed closely by changing out the snow phone message and then hopping on the radio to talk snow with KPCW. Oh, and don’t forget about talking conditions with PCTV. Coffee. Finally, I step into the boots and head out onto the slopes for a little product testing.

5. In other, more interesting news, you used to be an athlete for Roxy. What is the BEST and WORST part about being a sponsored athlete?
Best – The other “Roxy” girls, events, and travel. Worst – having it come to an end. It was such a great program.

6. Like many skiers you’ve had your share of injuries. Give us a quick rundown.
4 knees, 3 collarbones, wrist, hand, elbow, back, ribs, head, ankle . . . pretty much everything except for my hip (knocking on wood as we speak).

7. As a skier and snowboarder you hold an interesting position in the age old argument. Settle it once and for all - Which is better; skiing or snowboarding?

8. You’ve been at Canyons for a few months now. What’s your favorite part about the resort?
The people I work with! And the Corned Beef Pretzel from Alpine House. 

9. Most people have one ski outfit. Two at most. Over beers at the Umbrella Bar you made the mistake of telling me that you have a whole closet specifically set aside for your ski outfits. How many do you actually have?
First, there are actually two closets. One just for hats, gloves, goggles, skis, poles, boots and ski bags. The other is for jackets and pants.
Translation: Holy gear closet Batman!

10. If you had to make a deal with Ullr in exchange for snow, what would you use to barter?
I would barter three pairs of skis and two snowboards. That would still leave me with eight pairs of skis and one snowboard which is plenty for a quiver. But don’t tell Ullr. He thinks he’s getting a good deal.
Translation: I need more skis.

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  1. see, she doesn’t JUST ski.