10 Questions with a Pond Skim Judge


1.      So I’ve seen your twitter handle blowing up Social Media, but who exactly are you?

Well hello there. I’m Cat Killfoil, and I’m best known as @catskiutah. I’m one of the Ski Utah Powderhound Bloggers, part of the team dedicated to bringing you every morsel of Utah ski information out there year after year and powder day after powder day.

 2.      You must be pretty good if you are back for your 2nd year as Pond Skim judge.  What makes you such a great judge?

Aw shucks, thanks. Maybe because I’m laughing the whole time people are at ease with the fact that I’m judging them. Last year was such a blast. Pond skimming is one of the biggest Utah ski season parties and I am without question a major supporter of wild skiing. My #1 goal is to remind people that skiing isn’t all serious, it’s a fun hobby and unique lifestyle we share. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. And I’m judging you for that too.

3.      Who has been the most memorable contestant from your experience as a judge?

My scariest encounter last year – and I’m sure many of you will remember – was the couple covered in salami and other forms of meat. They were going for some Lada Gaga-esque meat dress thing, and after they crashed and burned, if you were within 30 feet of them, you smelled soggy, flappy meat. So, so gross.

4.       Do you have a special warm-up routine or pre-competition ritual to make sure you are in tip top shape to accurately judge the contestants?

But of course. 5 hour energy for alertness, followed by Mimosas for vitamins. After an intense gondola ride of introspection and pep talks, I hang out in Red Pine scoping costumes. Gives me the chance to observe that passion, dedication and hard work of the contestants preparing.

5.       For those of us who are short and have a hard time seeing over the crowds, walk us through what it is like on the direct sidelines of the event.

I love the seated steps Canyons sets up; the pond has great views all around, but being close to the action rules, can’t lie. There’s a real splash potential you have to be ready for. The event goes fast, you have to pay attention. So much action all around to take in.

6.       Do you think there is any correlation between skier ability vs. skimming success?

Not even a little bit. I bet most of the success is accidental.

7.   This is a safe place here. Have you ever been offered (or accepted) any bribes from contestants?

I jumped on the mic angry last year that contestants were too busy having fun to remember what an integral part bribes play in pond skimming. I was rather dehydrated and in need of a cool refreshing beverage but confined to my seat, working! Tossing me a beer is a SURE way to get the best score possible.

8.   How much does crowd response play in your score?

It’s the biggest part. No question. Pumping them up is crucial.

9.   Do you have any tips or suggestions for the people who are participating this year?

So along with getting the crowd amped, the BEST TIP you’ll learn from me is this: know what you’re going for. There are prizes for best costume, making it across the pond, and crashing so badly we have to fish you out. Don’t try to do all of those things. Pick the one way you want to be remembered forever and make that happen.

10.   Most important question – What is your costume going to be this year?

I got in on the panel this year with a bevy of buxom women way out of my league. Fortunately, they’re including me in a super special top secret theme that you’ll have to show up to…enjoy! I’ll leave it at that. Can’t wait to see you out there tomorrow!!!!


Cat (right) with fellow judge Kirstie Scott at Pond Skimming 2012

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Growing up in sunny Los Angeles, Caitlin thought she was always meant to be a beach bum . . . until she got her first sun burn. Feeling the pull of the powder, Caitlin has been skiing in Park City since the ripe old age of 4, and moved here full time after a 4 year stint in Boston for school. As the Communications Coordinator, Caitlin lives and breathes Canyons Resort, which works out well because she is passionate about two things: skiing and food.

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